Paintless dent repair is the best repair option available for hail dent removal and minor dent repair. Since paintless dent repair is just that—paintless—drivers don’t have to pay premiums to repair their car. Now, hail strikes all the time here in Valley Ranch, Texas. In fact, hail causes the most damage by dollar amount here in the Lone Star State over any other state in the country. so we’re proud to provide the perfect dent repair option to salvage vehicles from the pock marks that Texas hail can cause. So, let’s talk about paintless dent repair, including what it is, why it’s the best solution for minor dents, and what sets DMG | PDR apart from the competition.

What Exactly Is Paintless Dent Repair?

Paintless dent repair is a specialized process that fixes dents. Vehicle bodies can be repaired with specialized tools and skill. Tools are used on the surfaces surrounding a dent in order to delicately  “pop” the dent back into place. The original paint of the vehicle remains in tact, so there’s no need for a new paint job. Here at DMG | PDR, we specialize in paintless dent repair, and our techs bring years of experience to teh table.

Why Choose PDR?

Paintless dent repair, as we mentioned, doesn’t require a fresh coat of paint—and that means major savings for customers. Painting a vehicle is a time-consuming and costly option. PDR isn’t. You also won’t have to replace your paneling, an option that’s even more expensive. Beyond that, paintless dent repair is ideal for both steel and aluminum vehicle bodies. Take note, however, paintless dent repair isn’t a viable solution if the paint is chipped or cracked. If you do have damage that is beyond repair through PDR, we can direct you to our partner body shop to complete a repair.

dmgpdr_featured1Count on DMG | PDR

For superior service, count on DMG | PDR. We’re miles ahead of the competition.


Well, there’s a long answer to that short question: First of all, we cover up to 500 bucks on your deductible, so you might not have to spend a dime to repair your vehicle. Beyond that, we provide unparalleled convenience. Since we know that you’ll be stuck without a vehicle for a brief bit, we offer a free vehicle to borrow during the interim. In addition we provide vehicle pickup and drop off, so you don’t have to lift a finger. If that weren’t enough, take our customer reviews into account. Plus, we back our paintless dent repairs with a lifetime warranty! In short, we strive to provide speedy, professional service and the perfect product. Your vehicle will look just as it did the day you bought it. We provide paintless dent repair services right here in Valley Ranch, and remember, we’ll come to you! Get in touch with us to earn a free estimate today! We also offer a $100 referral incentive, so send friends and family our way! We also offer discounts for military, teacher, and public service members!