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Well, the 2017 Mobile Tech Expo (MTE) Dent Olympics have drawn to a close! The competition was heated, with numerous pros showing up to display their dent repair skills. We want to express our gratitude to all participants and onlookers, and we’d love to offer a big congratulations to this year’s winners! Here are the standings, as well as the prizes awarded, for the PDR Dent Olympics main event and the Glue Pull competition:


  • 2017 PDR Dent Olympics Rankings

    1. Billy Martin – For first place, Billy Martin was awarded a Carepoint Carbon Fiber Hail Rod, $1000 of Mobile Tech RX Credit, a VIP Knockdown, and a PDR Finesse $500 Gift Certificate.
    2. Kyle Violette – Coming in second, Kyle Violette was awarded a Carepoint Slide Hammer, $500 of Mobile Tech RX Credit, a VIP Knockdown, and a Dent Gear $500 Gift Certificate.
    3. Hidetoshi Fujino – For third place, Hidetoshi Fujino received a Dent Tools USA Blending Hammer and a $500 Dent Craft Gift Certificate.
    4. Ivan Sklarvk – Ivan Sklarvk received a Stuckey Tools Light.
    5. Simon Noel – Simon Noel earned a Dent Magic Laser Rod 6-piece Tool Set.
    6. Manny Quintero – Manny Quintero received a Carbon Tech Cross Bar.
    7. Jarred Gobrecht – Jarred Gobrecht earned Pro PDR Solutions Glue Guns.
    8. Sal Contreras – Sal Contreras received a Dent Magic Hail Rod 3-piece Tool Set.
    9. Mike Keebe – Mike Keebe earned a Dent Technology Carbon Fiber Rod & Blending Hammer.
    10. Michael Goodsell – Michael Goodsell received an A-1 Tools $200 Gift Certificate.
    11. James Bledsoe – James Bledsoe earned Dead-On Dent Tools Tips and a Knockdown as well as Dent Monster Tool Hangers.
    12. Jody Stewart – Jody Stewart received a Dent Magic T Handle 6-piece Tool Set.
    13. Adam Privett – Adam Privett earned a Griots Garage Paint Perfection Kit and a Druz Tools Glue Cutter.

  • Glue Pull Rankings

    1. Vlad Mayer – Vlad Mayer earned an Elimadent Light and Glue Gun plus $500 Cash from Keith Cosentino for the use of his Original Black Plague Smooth Series Tabs on the winning dent.
    2. Lew Freeman – Lew Freeman was awarded a Shane Jacks Blending Hammer Set and Black Plague Tabs.
    3. Simon Noel – Simon Noel earned a Dent Craft $500 Gift Certificate courtesy of us!
    4. Woody Koss – Woody Koss received a Keco K Bar.
    5. Evan Friedman – Evan Friedman earned a Edgy Tools Control Knockdown & Pull Rite Hookers.

About The Dent Olympics

So, what exactly are the Dent Olympics? The Dent Olympics are a series of competitions that allow competitors from all over the globe to show off their paintless dent repair skills. In brief, competitors repair various dents on the body of a vehicle using their tools, knowledge, and expertise. Judges assess dent repairs based on the quality of the repair, the speed of the performance, and the professionalism of the competitor. Dents are applied to the surface of the car with an air cannon, or a golf ball attached to a hammer handle (making dents similar to those incurred in a hail storm). Contestants are then assigned a dent at random, and allotted 45 minutes to make their repairs. Judges then examine each dent repair, and then number each repair in accordance with its quality. Judges take a look at the quality of a dent repair immediately after the repair as well as at the end of the day (this ensures that the quality of the dent repair sustains itself over time). Again, judges also place weight on speed and professionalism, as well as the quality of the repair.

Once again, a big congrats from DMG | PDR to this year’s winners! There was quite a turnout, and a phenomenal representation of the skill necessary for our craft. We’re already looking forward to attending next year! We’ll see you soon at the 2018 International PDR Dent Olympics!

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