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Paintless Dent Repair in Carrollton

Flawless Repair at No Cost to You Dent Mechanic Group has years of experience in repairing vehicles. We are experts in non-structural and structural repairs. As a result, we ensure a seamless solution for our clients, where we offer zero out-of-pocket costs. Dent Mechanic Group offers the best solutions in Denver and Carrollton.

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Andrew Meckfessel

5 stars

OH HAIL NO!!! There was a good sized hail storm that ripped through my neighborhood back in April 2021. The storm produced about quarter sized hail. Nothing too large as other neighborhoods got it much worse, but there was significant hail. I park my car under a carport, so I assumed my car would be free from damage. However, that was not the case. This hail was being blown in sideways, right under the carport. After the hail storm, we assessed the damage.....minor damage but noticeable. The car that got damaged was brand new, less than a year old, so I was saddened and upset that this happened! I contacted my insurance company and did all of the appropriate paperwork and pictures for them to provide me with an estimate. I wasn't thinking this was going to cost too much, but I still wanted to have a claim ready. The price game back barely over my deductible. My wife and I discussed the options and decided to just wait for a few weeks. After waiting for a few weeks, I came across an ad for a hail dent repair company in our mail box. It was grouped along with other business' coupons and what not. The ad seemed too good to be true. It was exactly what I wanted. Paint-less Dent Repair with rental car and no deductible?? YES PLEASE. Again, that sounds too good to be true, right? Well, somethings are just that good. I reached out to Dent Mechanic Group (DMG) a few days later just asking for a quote and to see what can be done. I talked with Mack Wright and David Gorena initially. Awesome guys! They walked me through all of the steps. DMG was going to work with my insurance company on getting a more accurate estimate as well as arranging a rental car for me for the allotted time it took to repair my vehicle. I think it helped that I already had a claim number and estimate for the services from my insurance company. DMG provided a rental car for me, delivered it directly to me at my home, and picked up my car to take back to their shop for repairs. Once it was back at their shop, they kept me in the loop every few days. Not sure if this is normal timing, but the process from them receiving my car and initially starting repairs was about 10 or so days. There was a backlog of vehicles (probably from that April hail storm), plus they were still waiting final approval from the insurance company for the damages. All in all the process took about 3 weeks, give or take a few days. Once the car was completed, they arranged a time that would work with my schedule for rental pick up and car drop off. I work until about 6pm every day, but the car exchange is open until later. When they dropped off my car back to me, it was around 8 pm. It was nice not to have to reschedule my work and my life around getting my car back. I couldn't be happier with the process and the end results. No cost to me!! BRAND NEW CAR. You can't even tell there was any damage to the vehicle. Amazing work. I will definitely keep Dent Mechanic Group in mind should my vehicle receive hail damage again. I do live in North Texas and we are prone to nasty weather.... Thanks Mack and David and the entire Dent Mechanic Group Team! Did I mention there was no out of pocket cost to me? NO OUT OF POCKET COSTS.


Carin Gibbs

5 stars

Dent Mechanic Group did a really great job with my hail damage repair from start to finish. Matt was super with the initial assessment, and I so appreciated the complementary rental car and pick up and drop off of my vehicle. I would highly recommend them! Dave was a great contact in the office. Very professional service from start to finish and they worked very hard to make my experience wonderful!! Thank you, DMG!!


Luis Perez

5 stars

Best experience repairing hail damage on my car. They filed the claim on behalf me, picked up the car coming with the rental car and came back in a few days with the car repaired. Highly recommendable.


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Carrollton is a small city located in northeastern Texas. The city was named after Charles Carroll, an early settler of the area and the only Catholic signer of the Declaration of Independence. Carrollton was established in 1848 and chartered in 1850. According to the city's website, it received its original charter from the Republic of Texas. In 1896, a fire destroyed many buildings along Main Street; however, due to the efforts of local residents and firefighters, few buildings were ruined. The downtown area is now registered as a historical district by the state of Texas. In 1953, Carrollton had only 1,998 residents. The population began to increase rapidly through the years. The city is continuing to expand and more people are calling Carrollton, Texas home!

Dent Mechanic Group is here to help people with their damaged Carrollton cars. We always provide a simple repair process from our highly skilled team, with top customer service and results like no other. Dent Mechanic Group does things differently than its competitors by providing quality work at an affordable price. Their goal is to make sure that your car's exterior looks the same as it did before you got in the accident.

Paintless Dent Repair Service in Carrollton

Dent Mechanic Group provides flawless dent repair at no cost to you!

Dent Mechanic Group is the only place for paintless dent repair. We offer superior services and out-of-pocket expenses. Our services are tailored to fit the needs of our clients, and our guarantees make it a no-brainer to bring your car in for an estimate. Waiting around with a cracked bumper? Bring your car in for a free estimate today!

Our paintless dent repair services always come with:

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A Simple, Painless Repair Process

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    Call for a free estimate and we'll work around your schedule.

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    2. Free Rental Car

    We pick up and deliver your vehicle back to you for free.

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    3. Peace of Mind

    We'll assess the damage and work directly with your insurance company to ensure you pay no money out of pocket.

  • Repair Completed

    4. Repair Completed

    We repair the hail damage and give your vehicle a cleaning before returning to you.

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Dent Mechanics Group offers quality services without the hassle and offers quotes at competitive rates. We never compromise with quality for price because our clients deserve only the best repair job in Carrollton, Texas.

If you would like a free quote and to find out more about our services, please give us a call. We will make sure all of your needs are covered with regard to your dent repair. For additional details on our process, please see the tips below!

We offer free estimates for any of your service needs in Carrollton, Texas. Our technicians are very experienced in all types of dent repair. It is important to us to provide you with some estimates on what we will be doing and how long the process may take for repairs. We ensure that our clients get the best possible solution and that their cars are taken care of properly in Carrollton, Texas. Our technicians will go through your car and make sure there are no additional dents. We do all repair work in-house to ensure a quality job!

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