Hail damage can be severe here in Fort Worth, in fact, Texas leads the nation in auto damage claims per year. That’s an unfortunate fact for Fort Worth Texans. Fortunately, you can count on the hail damage repair experts here at DMG | PDR. DMG | PDR stands for Dent Mechanic Group | Paintless Dent Repair, and it’s a name that perfectly describes our services: We provide automobile dent repair, including dents caused by hail. If you’re vehicle has incurred damage due to hail or a minor fender bender, we can help. Now let’s talk paintless dent repair.

What Is Paintless Dent Repair?

Paintless dent repair is a fast, effective, efficient way to repair the dents of your vehicle, so long as the body paint of your vehicle is in tact, paintless dent repair may be an option. Often, hail can pock and dent your vehicle. However, most of these dents are usually rather shallow. That’s actually good news – relatively speaking. Instead of a complete panel replacement, or a repair and repaint, we can simply repair the body of your vehicle to its former glory. We use specialized tools and techniques to delicately pop out paneling around your vehicle’s body.

What Kind of Dents Can Be Repaired?

As we mentioned, paintless dent repair is a technique that’s only viable when the paint of your vehicle is still whole and intact. If a dent is too deep or damaging, it can chip or scratch the paint, leaving the metal beneath the paint exposed to damage from rust and weathering. In these instances, replacement or painted dent removal may be your only two options. However, in most instances, auto body paint is quite resilient, and it won’t fail due to mild or moderate denting. In these instances, DMG | PDR is your solution. We can fix auto body panels that have mild to moderate dents on vehicles with both aluminum and steel bodies (although it takes more effort and time to properly fix damaged aluminum panels). Learn more about our paintless dent repair techniques.

The DMG | PDR Difference

DMG | PDR provides unparalleled customer service, and an unbeatable price. We offer free estimates, and we’ll even cover up to $500 of your deductible. That might mean a completely free fix for your vehicle! What’s more: We’ll provide you with pickup and delivery service. That makes fixing your auto unbelievably easy. Plus, we offer speedy turnaround times. Your car will be fixed in a blink of an eye… OK, our turnaround time is one to five days – depending on our current schedule and the severity of the damage – but you get what we mean. Oh, and we provide discounts for military members, teachers, and public servants! And we provide a $100 referral bonus for friends and family that you send in our direction! Like our dent repair jobs, things are always a bit smoother with DMG | PDR. For unparalleled service and a pristine finished product, you can always count on DMG | PDR. We provide dentless repair services right here in Fort Worth!