dallas-featuredHail damage is inevitable here in Dallas. It can rip through roofs, destroy trees and crops, break windows, and, unfortunately, ding up your car. But when the inevitable happens, you don’t have to sweat; count on the professional paintless dent repair technicians here at DMG | PDR. DMG | PDR stands for Dent Mechanic Group | Paintless Dent Repair; that’s our name and our service, and it’s a name we stand behind. We provide paintless dent repair here in Dallas. Paintless dent repair is the fastest, most economical way to turn your vehicle from a pock-marked tragedy into the smooth-bodied automobile that you cherish. So what exactly is paintless dent repair? And what kind of dents can be repaired?

What Is Paintless Dent Repair?

Paintless dent repair involves skillful technique and tools utilized to fix return your vehicle’s body to its former glory. Our experienced techs employ these techniques and utilize these tools to carefully bend dents back into shape. The original finish paint of your vehicle will remain in-tact, and your automobile body will be returned to its streamlined style. Unlike other techniques, your vehicle’s body won’t have to undergo an expensive paint job to return to its original sheen and shape.

What Kind of Dents Can Be Repaired?

Paintless dent repair is ideal for minor to moderate dents and dings where the initial paint of the vehicle is still intact. If a dent is too deep or if the paint is scratched, metal will be exposed, and that metal is liable to rust over time. In these instances, you’ll have to get painted dent removal, or you’ll have to have the body panel replaced. Otherwise, we can fix it! We work with both aluminum-body and steel-body vehicles (although aluminum-body vehicles take a bit more time for repair).

The DMG | PDR Difference

DMG | PDR goes above and beyond your typical repair shop. We provide unmatched convenience, unbeatable service, and the lowest price. First of all, we bring dent repair to you. We’ll stop by and pickup your vehicle, and we’ll drop it off once the job is done. Plus, we’ll provide you with a free rental car if your insurance company won’t. Beyond that, we’re quick: Our usual turnaround time is between one and five days. As for cost, we offer free estimates, and we’ll cover up to $500 of your deductible… You might not have to shell out a dime! Oh, and we offer a $100 referral bonus if you bring in a friend or family member for dent repair service. And we provide military service member, teacher, and public servant discounts. We’re truly unbeatable! Learn more about our paintless dent repair services, or get a free quote! Like all of our paintless dent repair jobs, things are always a bit smoother with DMG | PDR. Still undecided on a paintless dent repair provider, don’t hesitate to take a look at our previous clients’ testimonials! Find out why we’re the best paintless dent repair service providers for folks here in Dallas!