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Hail Damage Of The Gods

It is a beautiful morning and the birds are active in the trees. The sun shines on your car highlighting the slight hail damage. It would be a fantastic day to head to the lake for some well-deserved recreation, unfortunately the weatherman has different ideas. That smug, smooth TV meteorologist has trampled many of your plans in the past. That time you were supposed to go paddleboarding and the weatherman said that it would be rainy with a chance of severe storms. Well guess what? It never happened.

Curse You Weatherman

Not this time weather man, you vow. You have kept me in the house long enough and the summer is coming to an end, Labor Day is right around the corner, no time to mess around. You load up your bike, kayak, paddleboard, canoe, skateboard, unicycle and fly fishing gear; because you never know right? The road out of Plano is paved with good intentions and you intend to have a fantastic day, unfortunately you could not bring your dog because of all your gear.

Small Chance of Rain…


As you near the lake, you are greeted with massive lightning strikes, shattering the dark clouds with brilliant silver streaks. The wind comes up and dust kicks into the air. Parking at the lake, the outflow from the massive thunderstorm heading your way is cranking out concerning wind speeds. You consider going back home but decide to defy that weatherman and mount your bike.

Big mistake my friend. The thick thunderstorm begins to pelt the trees with small hail, covering the ground in a minute. The hailstones gradually become larger and larger until it seems that the ground itself is shaking under the constant pummeling.

Thor’s Hammer


The tree you have hidden under is stripped of all its leaves and you dread heading back to your truck. There it is, looking like Thor himself beat your poor truck with his hammer. You begin to cry and curse the weatherman for being right. Time to call DMG/PDR for paintless dent repair and get it looking as good as new!

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