1. Three Best Ways To Repair Hail Damage in Dallas

    Texas is sometimes referred to as hail alley due to its prevalent hail storms. Dallas in particular seems to be a magnet for these as it has been experiencing at least three hail storms annually since 2004 to 2019. Although there are ways to protect your car from hail damage in Dallas, there’s nothing you can do when Mother Nature comes raining hard, fast hail on your car while on the road. The …Read More

  2. Protecting Your Car from Hail Damage

    The weather in the Dallas - Fort Worth area can be unpredictable, but there is one thing we can count on: hail storms, and lots of them. Our storms are events to be remembered, bringing a green sky and inflicting major damage over the area. Cars, houses, and large structures bear the brunt of the relentless beatings, and Dent Mechanic sees its fair share of damaged vehicles Hail Details Size - Hai…Read More

  3. What is Paintless Dent Repair?

    Most motorists think experts can't repair dents in their motor vehicle without a paint filler. But there is an alternative form of repair called paintless dent repair. With paintless dent repair, a mechanic can restore the body of your car in a few quick steps. Read on to learn about paintless dent repair, how it works, and the reasons to consider it for your next ding or dent. What is Paintless D…Read More

  4. The Worst Hailstorms in History

    Texas gets its fair share of storms and hail, and our cars are unfortunately the ones who often suffer. Hail is normally thought of as a byproduct of a storm, a crazy example of weird things that can come from the sky. It’s a nuisance, and you’re definitely not about to play a game of catch when golf ball-sized chunks of ice are plummeting down, but it passes quickly enough and the damage is r…Read More

  5. The Facts on PDR

    So much of what we do at Dent Mechanic Group involves Paintless Dent Repair, commonly referred to as “PDR.” Yet many people are unaware of the skills and process required of repairing a dented car. As we’ve touched on in other blogs, storms, especially those involving hail, are a common cause of cars receiving dents. No matter where your car’s dent came from, Paintless Dent Repair is essen…Read More

  6. The Inclement Texas Weather That Loves to Dent Your Car

    It doesn’t take much to know how huge Texas is. As the second biggest state in the US, there are countries smaller than Texas! Which anyone who has tried to drive from Dallas to El Paso probably already knew. With a vast landscape that includes peaks and mountains, as well as the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, the possibilities for inclement weather are seemingly endless. At Dent Mechanic Group, …Read More

  7. DMG Answers Your Dent-Related Questions

    Dents are an inconvenience, and are hopefully something that will not happen to you. Yet for many of us, we will be impacted by a dent to our car at some point or another. Having the facts and knowledge associated with all things dent-related can be helpful if your car ends up looking a little rough around the edges. As Dallas’ Top Rated® Paintless Dent Repair, all of us at Dent Mechanic Group …Read More

  8. Supermarket Dent-fest

    Things were going great, the sun was shining, you were having coffee with a new guy. Your hair was perfect, your lipstick stayed off your teeth all morning and your shoes were spectacular. The date went really well and it may be something that will last. It was shaping up to be the (almost) perfect day. As you walked out of the coffee shop, the supermarket parking lot where your new red Camaro is …Read More

  9. Hail Facts

    Hail is an intriguing phenomenon, and as your hail damage repair specialists, the technicians here at DMG|PDR know hail best. Sure, it’s a bit unexpected to see spheres of ice bolting down from the sky. But here in Texas, hail is a natural occurance that happens time and time again. It’s unfortunate, but in the Lone Star State, hail is a catastrophe you can count on occurring time and time aga…Read More

  10. Texas Hail Statistics

    Hail is no small problem here in Texas. Along with warm weather and plenty of moisture comes the possibility of hail. Warmth and moisture are a powerful combination that cause the supermassive cumulonimbus clouds that are hail’s source. Due to this fact, the state of Texas gets the brunt of the force of hail provided by mother nature here in America. Texas leads in the amount of hail damage clai…Read More