We are a group of highly trained individuals in all aspects of the comprehensive insurance industry and auto hail repair industry; joining together for a greater purpose. Our goal is to become the leading (auto hail damage or paintless dent repair) disaster recovery team in the world. Utilizing the most up-to-date paintless dent removal tools, knowledge, methods, PDR certifications and the most experienced staff and PDR technicians in the world.

Our Employees Make The Difference

Many of our employees also hold an active catastrophe adjuster’s license in more than one state. The advantage of being experienced adjusters, coupled with a passion for helping people in need is what drives our business, and ensures that things are done correctly the first time; which is especially important in the insurance estimate and PDR repairs for your car, truck or SUV! Some of our employees are also well-versed in multiple aspects of the auto hail repair/paintless dent repair industry, including body work to PDR. We manage everything from commercial auto hail repair, paintless dent repair to fleet vehicles; cars, trucks and SUV’s at dealerships and retail paintless dent repair.

Experience Counts

Working for various other companies and holding multiple positions throughout the auto hail repair and insurance industry, including catastrophe or comprehensive claims handling, has allowed us to see what people were doing correctly,as well as what they were doing incorrectly. Countless years of experience has helped to shape our company and, in turn, allows us the expertise to run the finest paintless dent repair company. We do things right the first time, every time!

Peace Of Mind

We hope you will choose Dent Mechanic Group for all of your paintless dent repair needs! Easing  your peace of mind is our focus and thank you for choosing DMG|PDR to handle all of your auto hail repair needs.

Your Full Service Body Shop

Our specialties include: paintless dent repair, paintless dent removal, door dings, PDR, pinecone damage, auto hail repair, and extraneous dents & dings from occurrences not related to hail. We can fix any year, make and model of vehicle; for example, many companies have issues repairing German vehicles due to the lack of access to the body panels. We can also fix aluminum panels with no problem as aluminum is a difficult metal to work with requiring highly trained experts in the craft.