Hail can strike unannounced, and it can leave your car with major damage. When hail strikes, and you’re caught with an exposed car, there’s only one solution: Dent Mechanic Group. Here at DMG, we provide paintless dent repair services that are the perfect solution for relieving your car of unsightly hail dents. Let’s talk about hail, staying safe in a hailstorm, and then let’s delve into what we can do for your vehicle when hail strikes.

hail-image1All About Hail

Hail is shockingly powerful. It can shatter windows. It can destroy roofs. It can injure or kill people. Beyond those disasters, hail can leave your vehicles pocked with dents. Here’s some information surrounding this natural disaster:

  • Hail Versus Tornadoes:

Tornadoes are dangerous, but hail is a far more frequent natural disaster. Hailstorms occur five times more frequently than tornadoes, so if you’re thinking about preparing for the worst, consider taking measures to mitigate the dangers of a hailstorm… then move onto tornado proofing your property.

  • Hail Formation:

Hail formation is rather fascinating. Hail forms in supermassive clouds called cumulonimbus clouds. These clouds are those big, billowing clouds that you can see off in the distance. When you’re underneath a cumulonimbus cloud, it’s likely that you’re enduring some precipitation. When cumulonimbus clouds are cold enough, and have an updraft within the cloud structure, water molecules will change from steam to liquid water (water droplets), and then to ice (in the form of hail).

Once water transitions to its solid state, it can fall from the sky, or it can be carried towards the top of the cloud if there’s a strong enough updraft. If hail does take another journey to the top of a cloud, it’ll glom on to other water particles and other chunks of hail. Through this process, hail eventually becomes heavy enough to overpower updraft forces, and then BOOM… you’ve got a hail-damaged vehicle.

  • Record-Breaking Hailstorms:

Hail tends to be pea or marble-sized, but on occasion, it can become monstrously big. Back in 2010, a record-breaking hailstorm produced a hailstone that measured a full 8 inches in diameter with a circumference of 18.62 inches. This whopper weighed in at 1 lb. 15 oz. That’s plenty of weight to cause some serious damage.

  • The Speed of Hail:

Once hail surpasses the power of an updraft, it’ll fall with the force of gravity, minus the force of air resistance. Larger hailstones tend to fall faster than smaller hailstones (an unfortunate fact for your car). While a 1 centimeter in diameter hailstone may hit the earth at 9 meters per second, an 8 centimeter hailstone may reach a velocity of 48 meters per second… and that’s a big difference!

storm1-3Staying Safe in a Hailstorm

When hail starts falling from the sky, be safe. Your priorities are the safety of yourself and your family, NOT your property. Don’t attempt to move your car if you aren’t certain that you can do it safely. Get all of your family members into adequate shelter, and avoid standing near windows and weak walls or roofs. It’s best to stay in the basement to put you and yours an entire floor away from hail. Hail can travel through roofs, walls, and windows.

If you’re caught in the car while a hailstorm strikes, stay in the vehicle. Cars are designed to handle such hazards. If you can find nearby shelter to park under (e.g. a gas station or a parking garage) travel there slowly and safely. Do not park under an underpass if traffic is still in motion.

Strive to have hail hit your windshield instead of other windows. Note that the windshield of your vehicle is reinforced, while other windows can be more easily damaged. Windshields may also fail, so stay away from all windows in your vehicle as best as you can.

When making decisions or navigating through a hail storm, remember that your vehicle is just that: A vehicle. Make decisions that protect the safety of yourself and the passengers in the car when you encounter a hail storm. Do not prioritize the preservation of your vehicle over the safety of those in the car, those in traffic, and yourself.



 Our Hail Dent Removal & Repair Services

When hail has struck, and you’re out of luck. OK, it’s not that bad… you just need to get your car into DMG|PDR, your auto hail repair shop. In fact, getting a repair through Dent Mechanic Group is a snap, and if you’re insured against hail damage, fixing dents on your vehicle won’t cost you a dime. That’s right, we cover the cost of a deductible entirely, so you won’t have to float the bill.

Take note that some insurance providers tend to “steer” their clients towards specific hail dent removal companies. However, you have the right to choose the best company to suit your needs. Learn more about insurance “steering,” and why it is illegal, here. In short, you have the right to choose your auto hail damage repair shop, so you might as well opt for the expert technicians here at Dent Mechanic Group. Our auto hail damage repair shop is conveniently located in Plano, Texas; you can view our location here on our Contact Us page.

We hope that you’ll choose Dent Mechanic Group for our auto hail damage repair services. Let us prove to you that we’re the best auto hail damage repair shop around! If you’re still uncertain on the best hail dent removal service provider, don’t hesitate to take a gander at our previous clients’ testimonials. This is what one of our clients had to say:

“These guys saved me over 10 grand. They dealt with my insurance company for over a week and prevented them from totaling my car. Not only that, but you cannot even tell it was hit by two hailstorms. Excellent customer service and the work done is far beyond superb.”

Drive safe out there, and when you’re caught in a hail storm, don’t sweat. We’ve got you covered.